Enhancements to Written Policies

Other media can augment policies, making them more appealing and useful to intended readers. Reading policies is not very interesting to most employees. These supplements generally consist of some kind of electronic media for them to be effective.

Audio/Video Productions

Many organizations have started to use media convenient for the telecommuter. Video productions can be easily downloaded to the computer of an offsite employee, who can then review it at leisure and send an acknowledgment to the office. Once stored on the employee's computer, these productions can provide future reference for the employee.

Classroom Training Sessions
Most organizations offer formal classroom training sessions to present policies to employees and to obtain feedback from them. Classrooms provide the opportunity to learn from other attendees relative to policy methods and wording. The classroom setting provides an opportunity for attendees to meet with the instructor as well as other employees, and to exchange viewpoints. Instruction of this type may be restricted to the individual employee or include groups sharing policies.

Each organization has a culture that functions best in some environments but not in others. Before arbitrarily spending time and money offering supplements to written policies, weigh each media option and select carefully.

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