Office, Facility, or Hotel Fires Incident Management

Incident Management Guidelines

Office block, facility, or hotel fires can present unique risks depending on the operating region in which they occur. In some countries, firefighting appliances cannot reach above the third floor of a structure, presenting additional risks to the occupants. In addition, the safety standards in different countries vary, increasing the risks of fires rapidly spreading and not being brought under control by water sprinklers or other fireretardant appliances. For companies operating in highrise buildings, the ability of personnel to safely evacuate from the higher floors may also present challenges; companies should develop pragmatic and rehearsed fire drills to ensure that personnel instinctively know how to respond to protect themselves during such a crisis event. Facilities may also have additional hazards that might be triggered by a fire, including combustible materials, toxic hazards, and serious structural risks that might occur.
In the event of an office, facility, or hotel fire incident occurring, the following points should be addressed:

Family Liaison Incident Management

Incident Management Guidelines

Local or incident managers will not generally liaise with families following a crisis event, that being the responsibility of a crisis response team representative, typically those trained or experienced in dealing with sensitive or emotive issues. However, under some circumstances a trained or experienced family liaison representative may not be able to deploy to a family's location in a timely manner, requiring local incident managers to act in this capacity. The family of any victim may be shocked, distraught, confused, and under considerable stress. Families will require a clear and unambiguous briefing, and may also require emotional and financial support, as well as administrative assistance and specialist advice and counseling.
In the event of a family liaison incident occurring, the following points should be addressed:

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