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Incident Management Guidelines

Only those appointed to deal with the media should offer comments to these agencies. Nothing said is ever off the record. Inappropriate comments or observations can cause considerable damage to the company, its employees, or its operations. Always refer to a higher authority prior to speaking to media persons.

If an incident occurs that is brought to the attention of the media, or that necessitates the attention of the media, the following guidelines should be followed:

Action Points

  1. Stand up the Incident Management and Crisis Response Teams using the SAD CHALETS system.
  2. Contact the company spokesperson as a point of contact for the media.
  3. All statements given to the media should be developed by the public relations department to ensure that accurate and factual information is being delivered.
  4. All employees should be briefed to direct all questions to the appointed company spokesperson, and to resist making comments to the media.
  5. Do not deliberately lie to the media; if necessary, limit information for the wellbeing and safety of any victims that may be involved in an incident.
  6. Request that the media act responsibly and do not endanger employees by releasing information that might pose risks or cause avoidable harm or distress to families.
  7. Always seek advice or guidance from appointment managers.
  8. Use the following statements if necessary:
    • “An appointed representative will answer your question to ensure that you are provided with the correct facts.”
    • “Please provide me with your contact details, and the appropriate person will assist you in this matter. I am unable to comment at this time.”
    • “Please act responsibly so as not to endanger personnel or cause harm or distress to personnel's families.”
  9. One spokesperson should be appointed by the company as a point of contact for the media, and if necessary another should be onsite at the scene of the incident.
  10. Forward all information through the correct communication channels, and update where necessary.
  11. Provide an IMP Risk Assessment Report as soon as possible.

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