Suspect Call Incident Management

Incident Management Guidelines

Suspect calls might result from a prank caller seeking to disrupt operations, cause concern or friction within an organization, or in the most extreme cases warn companies of a pending crisis event. All calls should be taken seriously, although crisis response measures should be put into action only for those calls deemed valid, as most calls have no substance. This will reduce response fatigue while still addressing calls that meet established company criteria for assessing the probability of the call being genuine.

In the event that a suspect call is received, the following actions should be taken:

 Action Points
  1. Inform the local manager responsible for security and safety; if necessary, escalate upward to the regional or corporate Incident Management and Crisis Response Team using the SAD CHALETS system.
  2. Notify appropriate law enforcement, military, and government agencies if appropriate.
  3. Ensure a full record of the call was made (see Data Capture Reports).
  4. Take the details of the caller (i.e., age, race, gender, accents, emotional status, remarks and threats, background noises, etc.).
  5. Determine the nature and risk presented from the call; implement response plans according to risk natures identified and deemed valid.
  6. Can the call be traced? If so, implement a trace and alert the police.
  7. Can the call be recorded? If so, record the call.
  8. Forward all information through the correct communication channels, and update where necessary.
  9. Provide an IMP Risk Assessment Report as soon as possible.

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