Immediate Verbal Reporting (SAD CHALETS)

Often crisis responders will initiate a crisis notification through a verbal briefing. As such, it is imperative that a clear and accurate verbal briefing is provided to initiate the IMP, supporting any written materials forwarded within the following data call sheets. This should be structured in a uniform and logical format so that personnel are guided through the key information components that will best enable resources to be mobilized and decisions to be made. The acronym SAD CHALETS, used by British police departments, is a tried and tested list of subject matter areas that first responders should address when briefing the IRT and CRT, as well as external emergency or response groups:
Survey the scene.
Assess the situation and the risk implications.
Disseminate information to the correct groups in the correct sequence.
Casualties: Number, type, and condition.
Hazards: Types, severity, impacts, and status.
Access: Management control points, safe routes in, and reception centers.
Location: Specific grid reference or prominent feature of the event.
Emergency Services: What support is required.
Type: Nature and type of crisis incident.
Start Logging: Start collating information from the beginning of the event.
Specifictoevent reports should then be compiled and distributed when circumstances permit. Verbal briefings should deliver the critical and timesensitive materials that must be shared within the company and supporting groups; these briefings are then supported by written reports that capture documented information for use and reference.


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